GuyOnTheLeftCommunity Shares of Wisconsin (CSW) is an efficient, one-stop shop for social and environmental change. Each of our nearly 70 nonprofits helps create lasting change through grassroots action and advocacy. Thanks to our donors, CSW supports our members by raising money, and by providing training and technical support.

Thanks to all who donated as part of this year’s Big Share™ since we raised over $260,000 in a single day. Your gifts mean so much to CSW and to all of our member groups.

Inspiring VoicesKia Stearn

We’re celebrating 45 years by introducing you to Inspiring Voices like Kia Stearn’s, who founded Positive Women for Change (PW4C). Kia works to reduce racial inequality by sharing her lived experience with women struggling to regain their financial footing. Give now and your gift can be matched by Filene Research Institute, where they were “inspired by Kia.” Read more, and find out how to support Kia—who “beat the odds,” and is helping other women do the same.

Recent Results

Here are just a few of the recent successes from our member groups:Andrea Kaminsky Community Shares of Wisconsin

Read about these and many other recent successes from our member groups.