League of Women Voters of Wisconsin – Ingrid Rothe

Photo by John Urban

Ingrid Rothe is a quintessential, volunteer grassroots League leader. The Coalition focuses on publicizing the requirements of Wisconsin’s Voter ID law and providing direct assistance, which has disparate impacts on low-income, elderly, student, and minority populations.  Ingrid is the Chair of the LWV Wisconsin Legislative Committee. Ingrid is a humble, wise, dynamic leader and mentor and League of Women Voters of Wisconsin is glad to have her on the team.

For more information about LWV or to volunteer, visit: https://www.lwv.org/local-leagues/lwv-wisconsin or call: (608) 256-0827.





Kipp Thomas – Center for Resilient Cities

Kipp came to Badger Rock to cook one day for an event and never left. He has become a part of the glue that holds our community together. He cooks, teaches, shares, mentors, supports and is like a big brother, father, friend to staff, students and community members. No ask is too big or small and he never asks what he will get in return, he just keeps showing up. We are thankful to have him.

For more information about Center for Resilient Cities or to volunteer, visit:  https://www.resilientcities.org/ or call:  (608) 255-9877.




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