2018 New Campaign Homework

The best New Campaigns prospects come from personal contacts. 

A strong prospect is:

  • Someone that you (or a board or staff member) can easily communicate with to make the case for the importance of workplace giving.
  • Someone in a position to influence the decision to establish a workplace campaign in a prospective company. This doesn’t have to be a high-ranking position, but if not, then the person should at least possess high social influence.
  • Most importantly, someone that you/the person who knows the contact are willing to reach out to directly.

We’ve found that we are more likely to get a “YES” to a New Campaign when we have a strong prospect AND when you and that prospect are willing to commit to seeing the process through.

Good prospects might be vendors, places where your board members work, or organizations with strong ties to your organization.

To see a current list of workplaces, please see: http://communityshares.com/workplace-giving/partner-businesses/

For the survey you will need to gather the following details:

  • the name of the contact,
  • the best way to reach them
  • in what context you know them (or in what context your board or staff knows them)
  • whether we can use your (or board or staff) name when we make initial contact, and
  • any other helpful information about this organization or the contact you have identified there


Justin Williams, Campaign Manager, and the New Campaigns Committee

When thinking about developing your list of prospects, place them into one of the four quadrants.  Our goal is to have 10-12 prospect groups who fit into the GREEN category.

New Campaigns Access grid




You can enter your data here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2018newcampaigns