Positive Women for Change – Elly Loebach

Elly is a volunteer coordinator for Positive Women For Change, where she offers her time, talents, and enthusiasm to help with the logistics and setup of co-facilitated events. She coordinates event planning and assists with building infrastructure documents for volunteer recruitment. Elly is a retired teacher who enjoys creating gift baskets in her spare time.

For more information about Positive Women for Change or to volunteer visit their website https://www.google.com/.

Nuestro Mundo – Jamie Wohlgamuth

In her role as Staff Appreciation Coordinator, Jamie lends her extraordinary talent and her creative skills to the Nuestro Mundo School.  She helps organize the school library and assists the younger children in the lunchroom.  As a room parent, she helps teachers with tasks around the classroom. Jamie is appreciated and needed a presence in the Nuestro Mundo School. In her time of leisure, she enjoys biking, snowboarding, or relaxing with a good book.

For more information about Nuestro Mundo or to volunteer visit their website:https://www.google.com/  or call:(608) 204-1079



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