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It is a continued honor to serve as the Board President of Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW). The work of the member nonprofits that make up CSW continues to be of the utmost importance and urgency as vulnerable communities and the environment continue to face challenges in Dane County and this country. The collaborative efforts of CSW member nonprofits remind us that all of our struggles are connected and that we need each other to make change happen.

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the continued support of our donors. In this time, when food and living prices are on the rise, CSW is humbled and grateful that you continue to support this work. In 2022, we exceeded our net budget goal by $53,000; this extraordinary support helped us to provide an extra $2,000 distribution to every member nonprofit.

Along with increased fundraising capacity, we are working to provide the increased support necessary for our member nonprofits and staff members to thrive in the workplace. In 2022, we entered into a pilot project with CORE, an organization funded by the Katz and Krantz Family Foundation, that will help us reduce burnout amongst our member nonprofits’ staff and focus on the wellness of staff at social and environmental justice organizations.

In 2022, we had the opportunity to convene in person for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic for the Community Change-Maker Awards. There we celebrated the truly remarkable work of volunteers and staff members within CSW member nonprofits, including the presentation of our second annual Collaboration Award and a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award to Dick Wagner, whose local leadership in the LGBTQ+ Rights Movement inspired multiple generations.

We continue to work toward fulfilling our mission of creating a truly equitable, accessible, and inclusive organization while fundraising to support the direct operations of the important nonprofits aligned with our social justice values. We truly appreciate your support of this work.

Portrait of Bernie Hoes smilingBernie Hoes
Board President
Community Shares of Wisconsin

2022 Highlights

  • Community Shares of Wisconsin distributed the highest amount of funds to the social change movement in the organization’s history, with close to $1.2 million in total distributions in 2022.
  • CSW netted $53,000 more than its budgeted goal, helping us to provide an extra $2,000 distribution to every member nonprofit in 2022.
  • We updated our bylaws to become a more inclusive and accessible organization.
  • Two excellent new staff members, Megan Diaz-Ricks and Tyler Logan, joined our team.
  • The Big Share, our annual online day of giving, raised over $650,000 for CSW and our member nonprofits. Nearly 4,000 people donated.
  • CSW held its first in-person event since the pandemic, the 2022 Community Change-Maker Awards. The night honored individuals making change happen in our community and ended with dancing.
  • The CSW 401(k) program was streamlined so all member nonprofits now have access.
  • CSW received a $25,000 grant from CORE to develop a pilot project that will provide funding for CSW member nonprofits to support individual and organizational well-being.
A large group of people smiling and posing for a photo.

Photo provided by Wisconsin Early Childhood Association

How You Support Us

19.5%  The Big Share® ($391K)

18.3%   Public Employee Giving Campaign ($364K)

14.9%   Private Employee Giving Campaign ($297K)

16.4%   Individual Giving ($327K)

16.5%   Community CHIP® / Community Round Up Program ($329K)

9.9%   Events / Corporate Gifts / Foundations ($199K)

4.5%   Other ($90K)

You Choose How You Give

  • Give directly to Community Shares of Wisconsin and support ALL of our member nonprofits.
  • Direct your gifts to specific member nonprofits and they receive 100% of your donation.

Direct distributions to our member nonprofits
Other support to our member nonprofits
Administration and fundraising

Examples of expenses:

  • Direct Distributions to Our Member Nonprofits—gifts that donors direct to member nonprofits, as well as a share of the money given to CSW.
  • Other Support to Our Member Nonprofits—training and technical assistance to member nonprofits; other services to member nonprofits, including services offered by the Center for Change.
  • Administration—state and federal reporting and compliance; accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Fundraising—raising funds for and representing our member nonprofits through workplace giving, The Big Share, and other fundraising initiatives.
An Indigenous person in traditional garb dances on stage. A sign at the podium reads "Sko Vote Den"

Photo provided by Wisconsin Conservation Voices

2022 Distributions

through workplace giving, The Big Share, & other support

Member Nonprofits
1000 Friends of Wisconsin   $9,558
ABC for Health   $12,409
ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation   $36,187
Bayview Foundation   $29,304
Center for Media and Democracy   $13,938
Chrysalis   $19,402
Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger   $8,018
Citizens Utility Board of Wisconsin, Inc.   $9,720
Clean Wisconsin   $24,401
Common Wealth Development   $17,061
conNEXTions   $7,344
Create Wisconsin   $9,722
Disability Rights Wisconsin   $18,798
End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin   $26,705
Fair Housing Center of Greater Madison   $8,706
Fair Wisconsin Education Fund   $14,865
FairShare CSA Coalition   $16,296
Flywheel Skill Share   $8,753
Freedom, Inc.   $32,157
Friends of Wisconsin State Parks   $32,240
Gathering Waters   $12,384
GSAFE   $83,351
Housing Initiatives   $10,545
Inspire Barber College   $4,942
Kids Forward   $35,821
League of Women Voters of Wisconsin   $33,280
Legal Action of Wisconsin  $14,222
Madison Area Community Land Trust   $7,457
Madison Audubon Society   $18,596
Mentoring Positives   $12,532
Midwest Environmental Advocates   $20,209
MOSES – WISDOM of Madison   $16,857
NAACP Dane County Branch   $12,976
Natural Circles of Support   $5,948
Nuestro Mundo, Inc.   $9,265
Orgullo Latinx LGBT+ of Dane County   $5,100
OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center   $18,544
Padres E Hijos En Acción   $5,008
Physicians for Social Responsibility – Wisconsin   $11,721
Positive Women for Change   $8,009
The Progressive, Inc.   $16,016
Project Home   $19,188
Rape Crisis Center   $30,280
REAP Food Group   $16,590
Rebalanced-Life Wellness Association   $5,071
River Alliance of Wisconsin   $21,285
Rock River Coalition   $7,046
Rooted Wisconsin   $11,302
Sierra Club Foundation – Wisconsin Chapter   $14,840
Sustain Dane   $12,556
Tenant Resource Center   $18,772
UNIDOS   $11,650
Urban Triage   $18,260
Voces de la Frontera   $14,559
Wheels For Winners   $13,353
Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health   $19,043
Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault   $11,484
Wisconsin Conservation Voices   $21,356
Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired   $17,462
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign   $28,907
Wisconsin Early Childhood Association   $15,532
Wisconsin Family Ties   $6,883
Wisconsin Literacy, Inc.   $22,532
Wisconsin Wetlands Association   $25,072
Wisconsin Women’s Network   $12,181
Women In Transition   $14,890
Worker Justice Wisconsin   $10,277
Working Capital for Community Needs   $12,420
WORT 89.9 FM Community Radio   $21,306
Non-member groups
Proud Theater   $7,000
Ukraine Benefit to 4 charities   $15,000
TOTAL   $1,194,459

A smiling little girl wearing a backpack holds a milkweed pod in a grassy field.

Photo provided by Wisconsin Wetlands Association, credit: Emily Buck

Looking Ahead

As we move forward, CSW acknowledges that racism and other forms of oppression, like ableism, classism, and transphobia, are systemic and result in socio-economic disparities. We prioritize identifying and changing policies and practices within our organization that perpetuate inequality and harm. Our goal is to address the root causes of these issues at CSW to begin the work of creating impactful and material change in our community.

We also acknowledge that racism and other systemic oppressions within our communities and organizations have an impact on the well-being of individuals as they work to dismantle these oppressions. There is a growing body of research supporting what some know intuitively or through cultural heritage: Individual well-being is strongly connected to collective well-being. For example, improving inner well-being for individuals working in nonprofits reduces burnout and increases resiliency leading to greater stability in organizational operations and leadership.

While historically access to some resources for well-being has been restricted and unaffordable, it is increasingly clear to us that to sustain our important systemic work we must also support the individuals and teams doing this work.

CSW is pleased to announce a partnership with CORE to provide funding for CSW member nonprofits to support individual and organizational well-being. It is our belief that deeper understanding of and greater access to individual and collective methods, practices, and policies for well-being will improve sustainability and effectiveness of the social justice work that flows out into the community.

In 2023 and beyond, CSW will further develop this important aspect of well-being with our member nonprofits. We are deeply grateful to CORE, a project of the Katz-Krantz Family Philanthropies, for supporting this work.