2023 January 25th Board Meeting Agenda & Links

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Meeting ID: 224 940 218 003
Passcode: uESPHt
Feel free to share this email with your board alternate in case I missed someone.


8:30 Call Meeting to Order — Bernie Hoes, Board President
8:35 Vote on November board minutes; Review December Executive Committee Minutes — Bernie Hoes, Board President
8:40 December financials — Bonnie Watson, Treasurer
8:50 Finance Training from — Bonnie Watson, Treasurer
9:05 Strategic Planning Update — Cheri Dubiel, Executive Director
9:15 Big Share Update — Bria Brown, Big Share Project Manager and Megan Diaz-Ricks, Community Partnerships Director
9:45 Workplace Giving Update — Cheri Dubiel, Executive Director, Kewiana Pollard, Campaign Manager, Tyler Logan, Database Manager
10:00 Membership Update — Hedi LaMar Rudd, Membership Committee Chair, Judy Young, Membership and Operations Manager
10:30 Adjourn

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