2023 Stories of Impact

Your gift to community shares of Wisconsin member nonprofits has impact. Support powerful, collaborative work on the front lines of social and environmental justice.


Fostering Civic Engagement

Through integrated voter outreach, MOSES – WISDOM of Madison collaborates with the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin. MOSES uses relational talk about important issues and the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin helps to inform people about voting issues and registering for upcoming elections. Through their efforts, along with the work of many others, Wisconsin broke turnout records during the Spring 2023 elections.

In 2022, the work of Wisconsin Native Vote, a program of Wisconsin Conservation Voices, led to high turnout in tribal communities. Through their close partnerships with tribal governments, they helped multiple Indigenous nations reach voters throughout the state — not only on tribal reservations.


Supporting Children and Families

In 2023, Rooted and the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association brought gardening education and resources to childcare programs across the state. Rooted trained coaches who in turn worked with early care and education programs across the state to facilitate gardening and cooking activities with children. These programs also received technical assistance and stipends to help start their gardens.


Working for the Environment

Wisconsin Wetlands Association is part of a diverse group that crafted legislation to help flood-prone communities identify and address the root causes of flooding. The proposal meets the needs of local governments, tackles root causes, and elevates the use of nature-based flood risk reduction strategies. The bill is working its way through the legislature with bipartisan support.


Empowering People with Disabilities

Wisconsin Family Ties supports parents and children by providing judgment-free, family-driven care. They’ve worked with individuals in challenging situations like Kathy, who relapsed from a heroin addiction and was homeless and unemployed. Her son, who has mental health challenges, was in foster care. Wisconsin Family Ties assisted Kathy, without judgment, by providing emotional support and helping her navigate complex service and treatment systems for her and her son. Through her own hard work and with guidance from Wisconsin Family Ties, Kathy secured a job, has her own apartment, and has been reunited with her son.


Protecting Farms and Food

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023, REAP Food Group continues to link people with local food. Their Farm to Business program promotes the use of local, sustainable food and builds lasting relationships between producers, buyers, and consumers. Similarly, they also promote locally- and regionally-grown foods in schools through their Farm to School program. The Farm Fresh AtlasTM website and print publications, maintained by REAP Food Group, provide information about local farms, farmers’ markets, restaurants, and businesses that sell local food and use sustainable practices.