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February 2021 Backyard Hero PhotosFebruary Backyard HeroesWisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired / Physicians for Social Responsibility Wisconsin¬†   Physicians for Social Responsibility Wisconsin – is privileged to have Dr. Ann Behrmann who is an exemplary role model and mentor. She is a fierce advocate for peace, security & public health through her volunteer work with Physicians for Social […]Read more…

Backyard HeroesOctober 2020 Backyard HeroesDana King – Nuestro Mundo¬† Dana King is a parent at Nuestro Mundo Community School that has been a dedicated volunteer for the past eight years. Dana routinely volunteers in the classroom and contributes to the wider community through fundraising, garden, and social justice work. Dana is from New York (Long Island) and came to […]Read more…