Center for Change

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The Center for Change, spearheaded by Community Shares of Wisconsin, is designed to:

  • Foster collaborations
  • Engage new people in our work
  • Facilitate communication and partnerships
  • Build capacity
  • Provide improved quality space
  • Save money for local nonprofits by sharing resources

See what Robert Egger, national expert on nonprofit management, says about the Center for Change in this brief video clip.

Collaboration is the primary focus of the Center for Change.  Organizations will not only share space, but we will also have shared meeting rooms, networking events, learning resources, volunteers, and equipment.  Tenants and members will make connections and collaborate on issues that have the potential to create real and lasting social change. The Center will also foster partnerships among consultants and experts in a variety of nonprofit service providers.

Our long-term goal is to expand and become a destination for education and engagement.
The Center will take advantage of:

  • Collaboration on shared projects and mission, which is expected to produce new initiatives to benefit our community
  • Nonprofits’ natural inclination to collaborate
  • The location within a larger campus that allows for future expansion, access to bike and bus routes
  • Ability to support established and emerging leaders
  • Opportunities for community engagement
  • Increased environmental and financial sustainability
  • Additional involvement with the University of Wisconsin – Madison and MATC, due to our central location