On October 6, CSW will host our 2014 Annual Awards Event, where we gather to recognize local leaders and the critical change they create every day.2014InvCover

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Monday, Oct. 6 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Union South at UW Madison.

This year’s Community Leaders are:

* Larry Dupuis, Legal Director of ACLU of Wisconsin; receiving the Linda Sundberg Civil Rights Defender Award. Larry’s passion for civil rights is why we can vote without a photo ID, why you can sing in the Capitol, and why marriage equality is coming to Wisconsin. Read more.

* Janice Griffin of the Rape Crisis Center; receiving the Sally Sunde Family Advocate Award. In her 20 years with RCC, Janice has helped thousands of victims—and she never gives up on the resilience and strength within each survivor. Her warmth, calm, and kindness have been critical to victims in their recovery process. Read more.

* Steve Starkey of Outreach; receiving the Liesel Blockstein Community Leadership Award. In his more than 30 years working with community nonprofits, Steve co-founded the first state-wide gay and lesbian newspaper, OUT!, in 1982; he co-founded the Social Justice Center in 2000; and today he heads the OutReach LGBT Community Center. Read more.

We also will recognize this year’s Backyard Heroes.  Special thanks to our sponsors noted below.




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