Charlie Wilhelm, Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger

For years Charlie Wilhelm has been a board member for Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger, which works for environmental cleanup at the Badger Army Ammunition Plant.  “Years ago, no one realized the long-term environmental effects from munitions,” Charlie said. “My grandkids are going to be living in this area and drinking the water where Badger used to be – it’s time to clean it up.”

For more information about Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger or to volunteer, visit or call 608.643.3124.

Amy Carani, Rape Crisis Center

Rape Crisis Center (RCC) is thankful for volunteers like Amy Carani of Amy & Amy Designs, who generously offers her graphic design services.  Amy produces professional materials for events like Un-Run, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Java Jive—far exceeding what RCC could do with its limited resources.  Amy takes the phrase “above and beyond” to a whole new level.

For more information about the Rape Crisis Center or to volunteer, visit or call 608.251.5126.

Photos provided by John Urban, The Urban Photo Company


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