Nancy Buckwalter, Rape Crisis Center04-13_NancyBuckwalter_own

In just one year Nancy Buckwalter dedicated nearly 300 hours as a Rape Crisis Center volunteer, ensuring that those calling the 24-hour crisis line receive immediate support and information. Nancy also helps train new volunteers and enthusiastically staffs outreach events, especially during April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

For more information about Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Rape Crisis Center, or to volunteer, visit or call 608.251.5126.

Alice Hawley, Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger 04-13_Alice Hawley-B_own

When toxins were found in the water by Badger Army Ammunition Plant, Alice Hawley and others distributed flyers to warn the neighbors.  Alice said that volunteering is important to her because of the dangers of pollution left behind by the Plant.  She added that she’s working to educate others about saving not only the neighborhood, but also our state.

For more information about Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger or to volunteer, visit or call 608.643.3124.


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