Bill BenedictBill Benedict, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

Bill is the epitome of a nonprofit advocate and volunteer.  Besides serving on the board for Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Bill offers his time and talents as an advocate.  He staffs information tables at the Farmers’ Market or Fighting Bob Fest.  He’s an avid letter-to-the-editor and blog writer (  He connects the need for election reform to other social issues he cares about deeply.

For information about the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign or to volunteer, please visit or call (608) 255-4260.

Kia StearnKia Stearn, Tenant Resource Center

Kia Stearn, who’s on the Board of Directors at Tenant Resource Center, also volunteers each week as a housing counselor and willingly takes on extra shifts at the last minute.  As Kia said, “Tenant Resource Center is a great resource that promotes more stability in housing, and I’m glad that I’m able to help offer resources for tenants and landlords in our community.”

For information about the Tenant Resource Center or to volunteer, please visit or call (608) 257-0143.

Photos provided by John Urban, The Urban Photo Company


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