Heidi Wegleitner-JUHeidi Wegleitner, Tenant Resource Center

Heidi Wegleitner, who has served on the Tenant Resource Center Board for many years, works tirelessly to protect services and advocate for low-income renters.  In addition, Heidi works at Legal Action of Wisconsin where she provides free legal services to people in poverty.  Heidi also finds time to serve other grassroots housing and homelessness organizations.

For more information about the Tenant Resource Center or to volunteer, visit www.tenantresourcecenter.org or call 608-257-0143.

Heidi Wegleitner’s photo provided by John Urban, The Urban Photo Company.

Bob CoffinBob Coffin, Common Wealth Development

“Inexhaustible” is how Common Wealth Development describes volunteer Robert Coffin.  In the past few years Bob has conducted mock interviews with approximately 150 teens as part of the Youth-Business Mentoring Program.  He offers valuable feedback and constructive criticism in a safe environment.  His dedication to Common Wealth Development—and many other nonprofits he’s involved with—is admirable.

For more information about Common Wealth Development, to volunteer, or to hire a teen from the program, visit www.cwd.org or call 608-256-3527.


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