Eve Galanter, Wisconsin Women’s Network

Eve Galanter has served on the board of Wisconsin Women’s Network (WWN) for more than 10 years. With Eve’s leadership, WWN created the non-partisan Wisconsin Women’s Policy Institute, which trains women leaders to be effective public policy advocates. Eve is also on the boards of Wisconsin Women in Government and Madison Civics Club.

For more information about the Wisconsin Women’s Network or to volunteer, visit www.wiwomensnetwork.org or call 608.255.9809.

Photo of Eve provided by John Urban, The Urban Photo Company.

Consuelo Morales, UNIDOS Against Domestic Violence

For over six years Consuelo Morales has been a member of Women Moving Forward, a program of UNIDOS Against Domestic Violence.  She is also a long-time volunteer with the Leadership Conference, helping organize speakers, doing cooking and child care, and any other needed task.  Moreover, she eagerly coordinates field trips and special events for UNIDOS.

For more information about UNIDOS Against Domestic Violence or to volunteer, visit www.unidosagainstdv.org or call 608.256.9195.


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