Lisa King, Wisconsin Women’s Network 

As Special Events Chair for the Wisconsin Women’s Network (WWN), Lisa King dedicated countless hours to revitalize the WWN’s annual fundraising event, Women’s Equality Day. Lisa’s willingness to take on any task, her warmth, and her commitment to gender equality helped the WWN broaden its community of support and connect with a new generation of feminists.

For more information about the Wisconsin Women’s Network, or to volunteer, visit  or call 608.255.9809.

Mary Ellen Schutz and Dave St. Amant, ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation 

To protect the right to freedom of assembly, Mary Ellen Schutz and Dave St. Amant organized ACLU Legal Observers to act as legal witnesses during the Solidarity Sing Along and other events at the Wisconsin State Capitol, including hearings on controversial topics. They have been tireless volunteers, giving many hours of their time, even in hostile circumstances.

For more information about the ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation, or to volunteer, visit or call 414.272.4032.