Lucas LoBreglio – Sustain Dane

Lucas is a West High Green Club Student Leaders who accepted a volunteer role on our 2018 Sustain Dane Summit Advisory Committee. His ideas and active engagement helped us re-invent our annual event (formerly Badger Bioneers). He went above and beyond the role expectations and because of his leadership ~30 west high students had the opportunity to volunteer and contribute to this community day of learning!

For more information about Sustain Dane, or to volunteer visit their website or call: (608) 819-0689


Katharine Rifken – Wisconsin Women’s Network

Kate has dedicated countless hours to expanding our Mentorship program to Madison College for undergraduate women and made 2018 our most successful year and 2019 is looking to be even bigger.  The program is to provide undergraduate women with a professional, caring and supportive mentor relationship that focuses on issues relevant to women who are completing their undergraduate studies. After inspiring young women throughout the state, Kate spends her free time championing her team on the ultimate frisbee field, baking deliciously indulgent bread or playing with her puppy, Gertie.

For more information about WWN, or to volunteer visit their website or call: (608) 620-4926


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