A photo of Cortney Dean, a volunteer for Wisconsin Wetlands Association, standing in a wetland. The graphic also has the Community Shares logo and the words Backyard Hero.

Each month Community Shares of Wisconsin presents the Backyard Hero Award to organizations and people making change happen in our community.

Cortney Dean

Cortney Dean is a volunteer for Wisconsin Wetlands Association, where she completed an analysis of floodplain restoration policies from other states to help inform Wisconsin Wetlands Association’s own floodplain restoration policy initiatives. Cortney’s skills, motivation, and expertise have helped Wisconsin Wetlands Association advocate for floodplain restoration policy improvements in our state.

Thank you, Cortney!

Wisconsin Wetlands Association is dedicated to the protection, restoration, and enjoyment of wetlands and associated ecosystems through science-based programs, education, and advocacy.

The Backyard Hero Awards are sponsored by 105.5 Triple M, Isthmus, and Budget Signs.


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