Fair Wisconsin Education Fund logo in dark blue and light blue. Below that is the Community Shares of Wisconsin logo and the words “Backyard Hero”.


Each month Community Shares of Wisconsin presents the Backyard Hero Award to organizations and people making change happen in our community.

Fair Wisconsin Education Fund

Fair Wisconsin Education Fund works to build a fair, safe, and inclusive Wisconsin for all LGBTQ+ people by advancing, achieving, and protecting LGBTQ+ civil rights and workplace equality through education, movement capacity building, grassroots organizing, civic engagement, research, and legal challenge preparation.

LGBTQ+ and allied people help shape and inform the work of the organization to ensure Fair Wisconsin Education Fund is responsive and accountable to the people the organization serves.

Fair Wisconsin Education Fund recognizes, respects, and celebrates the diversity within the LGBTQ+ community. They know that social, racial, and economic justice are key intersectional issues that impact LGBTQ+ people and their families, and that a multi-issue approach is necessary to address the diverse challenges facing the LGBTQ+ community.

The organization built (and continues to build) a statewide coalition to educate about the harms of anti-trans legislation and helped prevent a dozen anti-LGBTQ+ bills from becoming law.

Thank you, Fair Wisconsin Education Fund!

The Backyard Hero Awards are sponsored by 105.5 Triple M, Isthmus, and Budget Signs.


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