A photo of Liz Gross, board president of FairShare CSA Coalition, holding a rutabaga. Below that is the Community Shares logo and the words Backyard Hero.

Each month Community Shares of Wisconsin presents the Backyard Hero Award to organizations and people making change happen in our community.

Liz Gross

Liz Gross is the board president of FairShare CSA Coalition, where she works tirelessly to foster a culture of collaboration, support, and open communication. Her leadership has allowed FairShare CSA Coalition to expand and adapt, and she has been instrumental in securing donations for the organization. Liz always shows up in support of FairShare CSA Coalition, whether it be volunteering during Bike the Barns, hand-addressing letters to supporters, or sharing her expertise. She is a passionate champion of supporting farmers and connecting people to fresh, local food.

Thank you, Liz!

FairShare CSA Coalition’s mission is to support and connect farmers and eaters through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). They envision a future where CSA is the backbone of a strong local food system and where all families have access to locally produced, organic food from small-scale farms.

The Backyard Hero Awards are sponsored by 105.5 Triple M, Isthmus, and Budget Signs.


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