In this post there are 3 volunteers from Sierra Club. The first one is Jeanne, and she is standing in this picture with lilacs all around her wearing a red T-shirt and smiling. In the next picture is Liv standing on a bridge with a city scape behind her and she is smiling and wearing a mustard color hoodie. In the last picture we have Michael, and he is standing near a lake and forest in the background, and he is smiling and wearing a burgundy hoodie w gray T-shirts and some red and black headphones.

Each month Community Shares of Wisconsin presents the Backyard Hero Award to organizations and people making change happen in our community.

Jeanne, Liv, and Michael

Jeanne Welch and Liv Wuethrich volunteered for Sustain Dane’s Farmers’ Market Food Scrap Collection program. Their efforts, along with the work of the other volunteers, helped divert over 10,000 pounds of food waste from landfills in 2022.

Michael is a volunteer with the Sierra Club – Wisconsin Chapter. As part of the Water Team, he works hard to ensure all Wisconsinites have access to clean water.

Thank you, Jeanne, Liv, and Michael!

The Backyard Hero Awards are sponsored by 105.5 Triple M, Isthmus, and Budget Signs.