August, 2022 CSW Board Meeting Agenda and Attachments

Zoom link for meeting:

Wednesday, August 24, 8:30 to 10:30 am

Bernie Hoes, Board President, presiding 

8:30   Call meeting to order 

8:35  Approve May Board & June Executive Committee Meeting Minutes –-VOTE

8:40  Financial update – Bonnie Watson, Treasurer CSW July Financials – VOTE 

8:50 Membership Report — Hedi Rudd, Membership Committee Chair 

Member Focus: Category —Supporting Women Children and Families

Backyard Heroes are back for 2023! Please submit nominations to Judy at [email protected]

Work Hour Opportunities coming up this Fall

  • See Members Web: mailings; prep campaign materials; awards event; cookies

Member Media Kit for Awards Event


9:10 Racial Justice Initiative Update —Moving forward on Member Bylaws Revisions — Bernie 

Preview bylaw changes and Member Policies proposal 

Next Steps: 

  • Vote in November for bylaw and policy changes 
  • Vote in November to officially approve Pilot Program members as full members 

9:40 Workplace Giving Overview — Cheri and Kewiana 


  • All public employee campaigns taking place from Oct. 10 to Nov. 30 
  • Private employee campaigns starting in August through the end of the year; goal to have completed by Nov. 15. 

Member Social Media Share Day – Thursday, Oct. 6

What you can do to increase donations to your group 

  • Talk about workplace giving and Community Shares of Wisconsin in your social media and print newsletters 
  • Participate in “Share Day” on Oct. 6 
  • Send a reminder postcard to your donors from past workplace giving campaigns 
  • Ask Tyler if you need your donor list re-sent to you. 

10:00 Big Share Presentation from Bria and Megan 

2023 Focus: 

  • Increase p2p support 
  • Increase member engagement in Big Share Live 

10:20 Meet New CSW Staff 

  • Tyler Logan, Database and Development Manager 
  • Megan Diaz-Ricks, Community Partnerships Director 

10:25 Announcements

 10:30   Adjourn