Wondering about the impact of your gift to Community Shares of Wisconsin? Thanks to The Capital Times for this recent editorial endorsing year-end giving to CSW!:

Editorial: Make our community even better with a donation to Community Shares

“As the end of another year draws closer, many folks make decisions on what causes to help with contributions that can make a difference and give themselves a tax deduction at the same time.

“We’d recommend giving Community Shares of Wisconsin a look when giving this year.

“It’s an umbrella organization for some 66 member nonprofits that work on social justice issues and promote environmental protection — groups like the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, the communities of color advocates Freedom Inc., the Wisconsin Wetlands Association, Sustain Dane and Clean Wisconsin, to name but a few.

“A contribution to Community Shares helps these nonprofits challenge injustice by standing up and speaking out on controversial issues and challenging policies that wind up hurting, rather than helping, the community.

“Community Shares is structured to give voice to all its member nonprofits, which means your support fuels a movement that is based on partnership, support and collaboration among leaders in local grass-roots organizations. In other words, stronger together.

“Support for these organizations is more critical than ever this year, especially given that the changing political climate could well mean funding cuts and policy changes that will present yet bigger problems for thousands of people in our midst.

“So, consider Community Shares in your giving plans this year. You can learn more about CSW, find a list of all its member nonprofits, and donate at communityshares.com.”


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