Wendell Potter CMDLast year the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) more than quadrupled their written output–300 new articles and op-eds–yet they cut their expenses almost in half. They also researched and published scores of new dossiers on SourceWatch.org, which is read by millions.

Kudos to Wendell Potter, CMD’s Senior Fellow, who was just named the “Most Valuable Author” in the country by The Nation magazine for his work on health reform.

As Potter said, “When I was a corporate spinmeister, I hated the spin-busting work of the CMD. When I decided to stand up to the health insurance industry and fight for reform, CMD was my choice because it is the only not-for-profit organization devoted to standing up to unethical PR. . . . I would never have had the opportunities to testify before Congress, speak at events across the country, and do literally hundreds of media interviews had it not been for the support I received from CMD.”

In 2011, the Center for Media and Democracy will continue its work related to issues affecting our economy, health reform, expanded corporate rights, and national security.


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