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A group of teenagers standing together smiling and wearing black tshirts that say PATCH.

Photo provided by Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health

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As we come to the end of 2022 we have an opportunity to share our successes and look to the future. There is a lot to celebrate and we have a lot of opportunities for growth. CSW staff have been successful at consistently increasing fundraising revenue while achieving the goals of our racial justice work, demonstrating that our donors and community are in support of our priority to advance racial equity and inclusion. Financially,

  1. Between 2017 and 2021, fundraising revenue went up 22% and member distributions went up 24%
  2. CSW has distributed over $1 million per year to our member nonprofits over the past three years

2022 is also the final year of our current three-year strategic framework, which has closely guided our work. A central goal of the framework is a focus on our diversity, equity, and inclusion work and we have a lot to be proud of in our efforts to become a more diverse and intentionally anti-racist funder.

  • Thanks to the work of our Membership and Executive Committees, we approved bylaw and membership policy changes at our November 2022 board meeting. CSW membership requirements will now be more centered on alignment with our social and racial justice mission and less based around meeting criteria to participate in workplace giving campaigns.
  • Since 2018, our Membership Committee has added 12 new nonprofit members led by people of color and focused on racial justice, resulting in new funding in the amount of $300,678 through October 2022.
  • 23 of our 69 member groups are led by BIPOC leaders in 2022 compared to 8 in 2018.

We will be engaging in a new strategic planning process over the next six months. Where do we go from here?

We will start with a review of our existing plan and an overview of results since 2020. We will then work with an outside consultant to lead us through an evaluation and strategic planning process. The process will incorporate recommendations from the nINA Collective and our members to ensure racial justice continues to be central to CSW’s goals.

These three things will not change in the next strategic plan:

  1. Our focus on social and environmental justice
  2. Our representative membership structure
  3. Our commitment to building the fundraising skills of our members

How should we prioritize our work in the next three years? What do you think? Share your thoughts by emailing or calling me directly.

Signature of Cheri Duiel
Cheri Dubiel
Executive Director
[email protected]

Community Shares of Wisconsin advances organizations throughout Wisconsin that are leading efforts to protect our civil rights and build a safe and sustainable future where everyone can thrive.

Together we transform our community.

Jan Miyasaki Receives Special Backyard Hero Award

Man and woman standing on opposite sides of a CSW banner.

Wednesday 8 O’Clock Buzz host Jan Miyasaki (right) and David Lorentzen (left), engineer of the Wednesday Buzz and Tuesday Local News.

Jan Miyasaki, the host of the Wednesday “8 O’Clock Buzz” on WORT FM, has dedicated many of her broadcasts to highlighting the phenomenal work of CSW’s member nonprofits and social and environmental justice issues. This year, CSW presented Jan with our Backyard Hero award for her commitment to equity, environmental justice, and social justice.

CSW’s Executive Director, Cheri Dubiel, surprised Jan with the award during a broadcast of “8 O’Clock Buzz” that was dedicated to this year’s CSW Change-Maker Award winners, Dana Pellebon from OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center, Phyllis Greenberger from Disability Rights Wisconsin, and Elisabeth Lambert from the ACLU of Wisconsin.

“Not only is Jan an excellent talk show host for CSW member WORT, a community radio station, but she is a very long-time leader and activist in the community working on the issue of human trafficking and providing services to abuse survivors, mostly through her program, Project Respect,” said Cheri.

Jan became a WORT volunteer in the mid-1980s as a reporter on “Her Turn”, WORT’s Sunday morning news broadcast from a feminist perspective. In the mid-1990’s, she became part of the “8 O’Clock Buzz” lineup and has been there for nearly thirty years.

Jan has dedicated her life to service and we are so grateful for her and her work. Congratulations, Jan, and thank you for all you do!

Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition Works To Create Accessible Voting

Photo has the caption “Be a Voter!” in the middle with the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition logo beneath it. The background is blue and there are four photos of various voters using the accessible voting equipment in each corner.

Photo provided by Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition

Three Community Shares of Wisconsin organizations demonstrate the power of collaboration through their work to advocate for and create equal access to voting: Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired, Disability Rights Wisconsin, and League of Women Voters of Wisconsin. All three organizations, along with forty other organizations, as well as individual advocates, comprise the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition.

The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition is the only coalition in Wisconsin focused on the entire voting experience of people with disabilities. The coalition has three main goals:

Goal 1: Assist people with disabilities to exercise their rights under the law to fully participate in the electoral process. This includes providing direct voter assistance, outreach, education, and resource materials.

Goal 2: Improve the accessibility of Wisconsin elections for voters with disabilities. This includes providing education and resources to policy makers, election officials, and poll workers about voting rights, accommodations, and accessibility.

Goal 3: Protect the voting rights of people with disabilities in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic or other public health concerns or emergencies.

Member organizations of the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition make a huge impact in the community. They gather data about the experiences of people with disabilities during voter registration, at the polling place, and while voting. They also offer educational opportunities to both people with disabilities and service providers in order to increase voting by people with disabilities. All of the data gathered, voter feedback, and education about voting access helps this coalition to advocate for needed change that will increase voting by people with disabilities.

Working up to the November 8 election, the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition urged voters with disabilities to cast their ballot. They provided resources on absentee voting, voting on Election Day, and voting rights and accommodations. These resources are critical to engaging voters with disabilities and ensuring an equitable and accessible voting process. They also encouraged allies to use accessible voting equipment to show election workers the value of this equipment, it is crucial this equipment is available to all voters who need it.

Thank you to Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition and our members who are a part of it!

The WDVC is a non-partisan effort to help ensure full participation in the entire electoral process of voters with disabilities, including registering to vote, casting a vote, and accessing polling places. The Coalition is coordinated by Disability Rights Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities.

  • Resources are available on the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition website at disabilityvote.org.
  • The Disability Rights Wisconsin Voter Hotline is available year-round at 844-347-8683 or email [email protected].

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