We are honored to receive this certificate of commendation from the office of Governor Tony Evers in recognition of our 50th anniversary


On December 16, Governor Tony Evers issued this certificate of commendation in recognition of the 50th anniversary of Community Shares of Wisconsin.

It reads:
WHEREAS; established in 1971, Community Shares of Wisconsin is celebrating 50 years of challenging injustice and supporting local social and environmental justice efforts in communities across our state; and

WHEREAS; for half a century, Community Shares of Wisconsin has remained committed to its mission of raising funds for, and awareness of, the most pressing social, economic, and environmental issues facing Wisconsinites; and

WHEREAS; Community Shares of Wisconsin was the first fund of its kind in the United States and continues to set a bold example of advocacy, philanthropy, grassroots organizing, research, and public education nationwide; and

WHEREAS; today, Community Shares of Wisconsin supports 70 member nonprofits, including organizations dedicated to advancing human rights, fair housing, criminal justice reform, civic engagement, social and environmental justice, and more; and

WHEREAS; on this occasion, the state of Wisconsin wishes Community Shares of Wisconsin and its staff, board members, and member nonprofits many more years of success;

THEREFORE, I, Tony Evers, Governor of the State of Wisconsin. do hereby congratulate Community Shares of Wisconsin upon its 50th anniversary, and thank everyone involved for their dedicated service to our state.




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