Common Wealth DevelopmentRenee Miller at Reneeglass Factory (CWD) builds community through affordable housing, youth programs, small business development, and the arts.

In today’s economy, Common Wealth Development’s two business incubators play a critical role

Between those two business incubators, 544 new jobs have been created in Madison in the last 20 years. And 114 new businesses have gotten their start. Both incubators, housed in two formerly abandoned and now renovated buildings, provide small business space to start-up companies—which are the job creation engines in our economy.

One young business is Reneeglass Factory, operated by Renee Miller (photo above).

Another start-up may appeal to anyone concerned about depleting oil supplies. Dr. Randy Cortright, founder of Virent Energy Systems, develops ways to convert renewable biomass into fuels. Although Randy has since outgrown his space in the incubator, he says he’s grateful that his business was given a start there.

Today with many large Wisconsin companies having move all or part of their operations overseas, small business support from Common Wealth Development is increasingly important.


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