An editorial from the Capital Times

December is charitable giving month.

Not only is it the Christmas spirit that tugs at people, but it’s the last month of the year to still get a tax deduction on next April 15’s return.

There are many deserving charities out there, but there’s one that serves a particular purpose that is worthy of your support — Community Shares of Wisconsin.

The nonprofits supported by CSW focus on affordable housing, environmental protection and sustainable living, social justice issues and empowering people with disabilities.

Organizations like Clean Wisconsin, Community Groundworks’ Troy Kids’ Garden, the River Alliance of Wisconsin, Fair Wisconsin’s Education Fund, Disability Rights Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign — the organization that keeps track of how money influences elections — are among the 64 nonprofits that share in CSW giving.

CSW focuses on nonprofits that are innovative, particularly in the areas of advocacy and activism. Clean Wisconsin, for example, worked for the ban on the sale of mercury products, now the law in Wisconsin. The Troy Kids’ Garden involved 1,000 elementary and middle school children this past summer. Disability Rights Wisconsin helped secure insurance coverage for hearing-impaired children in the state.

Community Shares of Wisconsin is winding up its 2010 fall campaign, but there is still plenty of time to help the cause yourself.


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