For four decades these two “sibling” organizations have funded local social justice organizations.  Now the two have merged into one nonprofit, and CHIP has become part of Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW).  Together we can more effectively support our 62 member nonprofits.

CHIP is our oldest funding source, raising money from customers at various businesses over the years. Now its sole partner is Willy Street Co-op.

CSW raises money through workplace giving, online, direct mail, and other ways.

All of these funds help support our members through quarterly allocations of cash, trainings and other types of support—all of which makes our groups stronger, and more effective.

The decision to merge was a natural next step for two organizations with similar missions and shared values.  It also saves on expenses—for instance licensing and auditing fees. And our operations will be more efficient with merged committees and a single board meeting.  Finally there is the added benefit to customers of Willy Street Co-op: your CHIP donations will now be tax deductible!

The merger will strengthen the organization, improve our bottom line and, maximize our support to our member groups.

We welcome your thoughts!  You can send us an email to offer your feedback.



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