This is a quick volunteer opportunity for you, your colleagues, board members, or volunteers.

I am looking for someone that I can pass off little plastic table stands to be set up at Rutabaga Paddlesport and The Biergarten at Olbrich Park on Saturday morning, July 27. Ideally this would be done around 11:30am. They are welcome to bring a buddy to help. Instructions would be included.

Victoria would pass off the materials to a volunteer during the week so they would have them ready for Saturday morning. I suspect this would take the volunteer about 20 minutes, plus travel time. One the signs are on the tables, they can head home. No need for them to stick around or table. They would also be welcome to head back between 8-9pm to take all the signs down.

Please connect me with someone who would be interested and thank you for your help.

Contact Victoria with questions at [email protected] or 608-888-9583.