According to an editorial in the Cap Times: “The end of the year is the time when many folks make important decisions on which organizations to support with their charity dollars.

“We’d like to put in a word today for Community Shares of Wisconsin, the local umbrella organization that supports some 63 nonprofits that seek social justice and meaningful change for those who are often forgotten or ignored in their quest to be full participants in the community.

“Like United Way, Community Shares conducts an annual workplace campaign . . .

“Unlike United Way, CSW directs the money it receives specifically to nonprofits that address social, economic and environmental problems.  [See our list of member groups.]

“As a recent magazine article reported, “Social change philanthropy is about organizing and activism. It’s about engaging all members of our society in dialogue and action. Social change philanthropy and activism ensure that people who are typically ignored and disregarded have a seat the table.”

“That’s what Community Shares of Wisconsin helps foster right here at home. It deserves your support in its work to promote social justice. All gifts to it are fully tax deductible and can be made by visiting or calling 608-256-1066.”

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