Madison Magazine has named Community Shares of 2014 MadMag-BPTWcrop2
Wisconsin (CSW) as one of the Best Places to Work 2014.  “I’m always impressed with our CSW team, the valuable work we do in the community, and what we accomplish for our 61 member groups,” said Crystel Anders,  Executive Director.  “But this is validation that we create a great work environment too.”

According to the article:

Anders points out that “real social change takes years,” not days or months. And the staff know that. “We are all in it for the long haul.”

It helps that their work aligns so closely with their personal values. Employees report that a sense of purpose—and impacting the community in a positive way—are vital reasons this is a Best Place to Work.

Working closely with member nonprofits and the board (made up of a representative from each nonprofit) also builds a sense of unity. Says Anders, “I would guess everyone here is a hopeful person; they believe that if we all work together the world can be a better place for everyone.”

Anders explained that CSW’s member nonprofits are dedicated to social and environmental justice.  “CSW staff have the opportunity to work closely with staff from the member groups,” she said. “Staff say that it is an inspiration and an honor to work with such creative, dedicated people every day.”

Another factor according to Anders is “the energy that so many people bring to the Center for Change.  It adds to our positive work experiences.”  CSW established the Center for Change in 2011.  It is a shared space for tenants, Center members, and co-working (co-working members occasionally need an office space with wi-fi, a kitchen, and other amenities downtown).

You can read the full article here.  There were 78 businesses that competed this year, and CSW’s honor came in the category of workplaces under 10 employees.  The rankings were determined by a third party firm, Next Generation Consulting, which assessed employees’ answers to an online questionnaire.  This is the second time CSW has earned this honor, the last time being 2010-11.

CSW staff thank Madison Magazine—and all of CSW’s supporters and member groups.



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