Community Shares of Wisconsin is adding new member groups to our fundraising federation—which currently includes 60 member nonprofits. Potential new member groups must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit and must have a demonstrated commitment to advancing social change through advocacy, raising community awareness, and challenging injustices.

There is an emphasis on recruiting groups that focus on:
• Addressing racial and ethnic disparities
• Creating innovative strategies aimed at increasing educational equality and attainment
• Food security
• Environmental justice
• Increasing economic equality
• Reducing discrimination
• Civic engagement and grassroots organizing—to provide the tools so people can act together to create change on a systemic level

View the complete criteria for membership here. The application is available below. Note the deadline: To be considered for membership CSW must receive 3 hard copies of the application, and 1 copy of other required materials, by August 1. (The address is at the bottom of the web pages, or you can drop off the applications at the office between 8:30 and 5:00.)

Click here for the application (PDF) Click here for the application (DOC)


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