Madison Magazine has named Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW) as the Best Place to Work 2010-2011 — in workplaces under 100 employees.  With CSW as the top honoree in this category, we are very pleased!

2010 Best Places to Work logoEven more exciting: according to Madison Magazine, CSW succeeded in “scoring an astonishing 100% in five out of six indicators.”

The rankings were determined by a third party research firm, Next Generation Consulting, which assessed employees’ answers to questionnaires.

“It’s so gratifying to get this recognition,” said Executive Director Crystel Anders.  “All the staff, as well as our board’s Personnel Committee, work hard to create a cooperative, supportive, and efficient workplace.  It’s wonderful to have validation for our efforts.”

The magazine article noted, ” ‘I think the beauty of Madison is that people here really do understand social change,’ said Crystel Anders.  That change comes directly at the hands of the member groups partnering with the small staff at Community Shares, who over the past 18 years have gone from a $250,000 giving campaign to over a million dollars annually.  ‘Our sense of collaboration sustains us during these challenging times.’ ”

Here are just a few of the themes that our CSW colleagues said they addressed in their answers to the Madison Magazine questionnaire:

  • Impressive leadership
  • Having a collegial workplace, and being able to count on the support of one another
  • True collaboration—our input is sought out, heard, and appreciated
  • The opportunity to work with great people at our 64 member nonprofits
  • Through our member groups, the chance to work with a broad spectrum of social issues
  • Flexible schedule for those who need to care for young or elderly family members
  • Feeling respected by all of our coworkers

Take a minute to read more details.  Our thanks to Madison Magazine—and to all of CSW’s donors, supporters, and member groups!


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