Join us on Tuesday, October 1 (5-7 p.m., Union South), to recognize three special award winners.  Their work has changed lives—and changed our community and our state for the better.  For anyone wanting to attend, call Community Shares at 608-256-1066, or register online.

Mike McCabe, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

Winner of the Liesl Blockstein Community Leadership AwardFacebook profile pic

“Right now in our political system, big money shouts so loudly that people’s voices aren’t heard. On issues related to the elderly, kids, the environment, our views are ignored. There’s a fundamental social injustice in that. At a minimum, it’s important to shine a light on campaign transactions so people understand how big money is contaminating our democracy.”

— Mike McCabe

“The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign puts citizens, and citizen education and access, above political interests. It is one of this state’s most important watchdogs for open and honest government.”

— WISC-TV editorial


Cecilia Gillhouse, UNIDOS Against Domstic Violence

Winner of the Sally Sunde Family Advocate AwardCeclia-10

“When I came to this country as a domestic violence survivor, I didn’t speak English—and I was very much alone. I had no reason to look for another chance in life. When I found people here to help, it was so awesome. It means so much to me to offer other people that same chance.”

— Cecilia Gillhouse

“Cecilia was a young Latino single mom, a woman working two jobs for many years to support her family, a dreamer of equality for all. Today, she is our leader. She supports all of us survivors to become stronger, so that we can be tomorrow’s leaders.”

— UNIDOS Women Moving Forward group


Brian Juchems, Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools (GSAFE)

Winner of the Linda Sundberg Civil Rights Defender AwardBrianCrop

“In our work with students and educators, we encourage people not only to respect but to celebrate our differences. Ultimately we’re working to create communities where all people are valued.”

— Brian Juchems

“Brian is relentless in considering the impact of GSAFE’s work on the day-to-day lives of youth in our schools. When Brian came to the Sauk Prairie School District, long ago, he did our first staff training on LBGT issues. And now who hasn’t he worked with in school systems!?”

— Liz Lusk, GLBTQ Resource Specialist for MMSD



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