Kristin SorensonKristin Sorenson, Wisconsin Family Ties

As a volunteer for Wisconsin Family Ties, Kristin Sorenson diligently supported over 25 families advocating in school settings for their children with emotional, behavioral, or mental disorders.  Her experience as a parent of two young children, and as a special education teacher, has given her understanding as well as empathy as she applies her excellent advocacy skills.

For information about Wisconsin Family Ties or to volunteer, please visit or call 608-267-6888.

Maria GonzalezMaria Gonzalez, Bayview Foundation

Maria Gonzalez goes far beyond the call of volunteer for the Bayview community, which provides housing for low-income families.  Whenever she’s called upon by any staff member Maria is there — whether she’s asked to help in the office, on the grounds, at the Ethnic Fest, or in the children’s after-school programs.  According to the Bayview staff, Maria is a Volunteer Extraordinaire.

For information about the Bayview Foundation or to volunteer, please visit or call 608-256-7808.

Photo of Maria Gonzalez provided by John Urban, The Urban Photo Company


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