Nola Pastor, Rape Crisis Center

As a volunteer for Nola started volunteering with Rape Crisis Center (RCC), Nola Pastor in the fall of 2015 and works closely with RCC’s GameChangers youth advisory board. She is well-respected by the teens and brings her knowledge of prevention education to the curriculum development committee she facilitates. Now that Nola is a trained prevention educator, she is an especially strong and a tremendous asset to the team.

For more information about the Rape Crisis Center, or to volunteer, visit or call 608.251.7273.

Libby Meister, Nuestro Mundo, Inc.

Libbey Meister is known as a tireless advocate for Nuestro Mundo Inc. and the families at Nuestro Mundo Community School, where she served as board president, and coordinated programs such as the Citywide Dual Language Immersion Summit.  She also developed a curriculum for parents to help them better understand their rights and responsibilities at the school.

For more information about Nuestro Mundo, Inc. or to volunteer, visit or call 608.279.1568.




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