John MontgomeryJohn Montgomery, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

Now retired from his state government job, John Montgomery has put his budget and writing expertise to work for Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.  Whether he’s investigating redistricting for Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, analyzing budgets, or revising their website, his thorough, competent work makes an enormous difference to the staff.

For more information about the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign or to volunteer, visit or call (608) 255-4260.

Merle MargolisMerle Margolis, Grassroots Leadership College

Merle Margolis has volunteered for Grassroots Leadership College for over five years. A graduate of the GLC’s General Semester program, Merle is on the board of directors and is a weekly office volunteer.  She also volunteers with TimeBank, Yahara House, and her own project, STOP and GO, a group that fosters connections between artists with mental health issues.

For more information about the Grassroots Leadership College or to volunteer, visit or call (608) 441-0085.

Photos provided by John Urban, The Urban Photo Company


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