January 2011 Backyard Heroes

Joann KelleyJoann Kelley, Madison Area Community Land Trust

For over three years Joann Kelley has been a volunteer board member for Madison Area Community Land Trust, part of that time as Vice President.  She has shared her expertise in green energy systems, which helped with refurbishing the Land Trust’s affordable homes.  More impressive, her expertise helped cut energy costs for low- to moderate-income home buyers.

For more information about the Madison Area Community Land Trust or to volunteer, visit www.affordablehome.org or call (608) 280-0131.

Althea DotzourAlthea Dotzour, Gathering Waters Conservancy

Though Althea Dotzour left her position at Gathering Waters Conservancy to be a full-time mom, the staff feels fortunate to count her among its most loyal volunteers.  Her savvy outreach efforts, her photography skills, and her good humor are always appreciated.  Her commitment to Gathering Waters, and to many other nonprofit groups, makes our community a better place.

For more information about the Gathering Waters Conservancy or to volunteer, visit www.gatheringwaters.org or call (608) 251-9131.