January 2012 Backyard Heroes

Andie Algar, Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools
Andie Algar began volunteering with Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools (GSAFE) years ago as a freshman at Oregon High School. Andie led her school club, and she helped GSAFE organize many leadership groups where she trained students how to be effective activists. Andie has also taught educators how to create safe, inclusive schools for LGBT youth.

For more information about Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools or to volunteer, visit www.gsaforsafeschools.com or call 608.661.4141.

Kelsey Delander, ABC for Health
Kelsey Delander began at ABC for Health as a volunteer legal intern while taking a full load of courses at UW Law School. Kelsey, who is also a nurse, brings considerable insight and compassion to her work with health care clients. Kelsey has helped hundreds of children and families navigate the complex maze of health care coverage and services.

For more information about ABC for Health or to volunteer, visit www.safetyweb.org or call 608.261.6939.