Housing Initiatives, Vietnam War Photo Exhibit“We are committed to ending veteran homelessness for the good of our vets and our community,” says Dean Lumos, Executive Director of Housing Initiatives. Thanks to a recent collaboration between Housing Initiatives and the Overture Center for the Arts, the state of housing in Madison is in the public eye.

To mark Veteran’s Day 2016, Housing Initiatives enlisted the photographic talents of two Wisconsin Vietnam War veterans, Peter Finnegan and Bob Seitz, to show Madisonians the Vietnam War as it happened, as it affects the world today, and as it has affected those who fought to protect their country.

Veteran homelessness in Madison has decreased in the past two years from 120 to less than 60 veterans. Wisconsinites have demonstrated a will to put an end to veteran homelessness; With the continued help of public leaders and organizations like Housing Initiatives (which currently houses 40 veterans), there is great opportunity to find a solution.

Read more on Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and County Executive Joe Parisi’s thoughts on veteran homelessness in WKOW’s coverage of the exhibit here.


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