Paul and Julie Housing Initiatives

“We had it all: jobs, a home, a life.”

“All,” that is, until Paul and Julie both lost their jobs in their early 60’s. Paul, a Vietnam vet who still struggles with PTSD, could no longer do the physical work of a furniture mover. Evicted from their home of 18 years, they spent five years living on the streets–and under a bridge–before Housing Initiatives moved them into a permanent apartment home. “The thing I missed most was a hot meal. Nearly all the food we ate for 5 years was mostly out of cans. We are so grateful for our home. I’ve been cooking up a storm ever since!” said Julie.

Housing Initiatives knows how to solve the problem of chronic homelessness due to mental illness. This nonprofit has an innovative, successful model for ending chronic homelessness, with over 95% of program participants never returning to living on the streets.


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