Community Shares of Wisconsin is pleased to announce the return of Inspiring Voices, now in partnership with Madison 365—to build community around local racial justice initiatives led by people of color. Inspiring Voices provides visibility for essential work being done outside of CSW’s membership to inspire you to support these causes and projects. Projects like this month’s featured organization: Building Bosses.

Building Bosses is a peer-led program for youth that emphasizes the importance of leadership, entrepreneurship, and service.

“With Building Bosses I’m trying to teach kids that they can succeed no matter what they look like,” said Building Bosses Founder AJ Carr. “That despite the obstacles, you need to pull through and you can be what you want to be. To not let anyone tell them they can’t do what they want and achieve their biggest goals and aspirations. People still tell me I can’t do this, or I can’t do that. I don’t let that hold me back.”

NOW, thanks to a generous challenge gift from Wegner CPAs, your donation to Building Bosses will be matched!  Donate today and help us kick off an incredible month of generosity by doubling the impact of your gift!

Learn more about Building Bosses, AJ Carr, and the Inspiring Voices program on Madison365. And be sure to follow Community Shares of Wisconsin on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  for updates, including a special Facebook Live event on Monday, June 19 with AJ Carr!

Support Building Bosses today!


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