Maurice “Rockameem” Bell, Center for Resilient Cities
Many people know Maurice “Rockameem” Bell as a street drummer, but at Center for Resilient Cities’ Badger Rock Neighborhood Center (BRNC) he is known as an elder in their growing community. Rockameem is a staple at community events and ensures their success—from set-up, performing, cooking, or watching kids. He provides love and support to everyone who enters the BRNC.

For more information about Center for Resilient Cities or to volunteer, visit or call 608-255-9877.

Julia Walsh, ABC for Health
As an intern for ABC for Health, Julia Walsh works directly with families to help them access health care and coverage. As a UW-Madison law student, Julia has put her legal research and writing skills to use, digging into state Medicaid Birth Cost Recovery policies that negatively impact low-income families–and may contribute to poor birth outcomes.

For more information about ABC for Health or to volunteer, visit or call 608-261-6939.


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