Photo by John Urban



Dr. Monica Vohmann – Physicians for Social Responsibility WI/Wisconsin Environmental Health Network

Monica Vohmann, Physicians for Social Responsibility-WI/Wisconsin Environmental Health Network Growing up in Germany, Monica joined her family in protesting U.S. Pershing II missile deployment in Europe as part of the anti-nuclear movement.  She has been the primary organizer for WEHN’s annual Making the Connection conferences for the last 8 years. Monica has been a tireless advocate for abolition of nuclear weapons, violence prevention and for a safe and clean planet.

For more information about PSR WI/WHEN or to volunteer, visit: or email:  [email protected] or call:  608-232-945.


Photo by John Urban

WORT 89.9 FM – Dave Devereaux-Weber

Dave Devereaux-Weber is WORTs Station co-founder and current Board President, Dave tirelessly assists with mission critical tasks including IT/Facilities.  Dave is a great asset to WORT with the talents he brings to assist to WORT 89.9FM. it’s people like him who keeps us in the know and make things better for everyone!

For more information about WORT 89.9 FM or to volunteer, visit: or call: (608) 256-2001