Judi Anklam Devereux, 48, died on April 30, 2009, after many years of living with ALS. Judi was a valued member of the Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW) board and was a member of the Membership Committee. She was involved in CSW’s recruitment of new member groups when she passed away.

Judi gave her time and considerable energy to many community groups but was an especially devoted volunteer for Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) for Safe Schools. She was actively involved in bringing to Madison an exhibit from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (“Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945”), which was co-sponsored by GSA for Safe Schools.

In December of 2008 she wrote an editorial about Community Shares and GSA for Safe Schools, which was published in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Judi’s values, commitment, and sense of humor will long be missed.


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