Marge Pitts, Community GroundWorks

Marge Pitts is an invaluable resource to Community GroundWorks.  Her commitment as a multi-talented volunteer dates back to 1995 when the land that is now Troy Gardens was for sale.  Local residents like Marge were concerned about losing the land to traditional development and led the effort to preserve this open space as a community resource.  

For more information about Community GroundWorks, or to volunteer as a hands-on Natural Areas Steward, visit or call 608.240.0409.

Photo of Marge provided by John Urban, The Urban Photo Company

Stephen Jacobson, Bayview Foundation  

Steve Jacobson, who’s still a part-time consultant in international business relations, has been one of Bayview Foundation’s outstanding volunteers. Volunteering almost full time hours, Steve’s open and friendly spirit is an added bonus.  He works with residents, helped start the community garden, and assists Bayview staff in all aspects of running the Center.

For more information about Bayview or to volunteer, visit or call 608.256.7808.


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