Lorie Zantow, Wisconsin Literacy 

Lorie Zantow works full time for an area accounting 07-12_Zantow_Lorie_own_cropfirm, but she still manages to give several hours weekly to the accounting and financial needs of Wisconsin Literacy, where she has been Board Treasurer since 2008.  Lorie has mentored the executive director in refinining accounting practices, and she is always open to learning more about working with nonprofit groups.

For more information about Wisconsin Literacy or to volunteer, visit  www.wisconsinliteracy.org or call 608.257.1655.

Penny and Gary Shackelford, Wisconsin Wetlands Association 07-13_Shackelford_JU

Penny Shackelford has served on Wisconsin Wetland Association’s board for nearly 5 years.  In addition to her diligent oversight of WWA’s finances as Treasurer, Penny dedicates much of her personal time to WWA’s mission.  She and her husband Gary promote and advocate for wetlands in their community, and set an example for private landowners by restoring wetlands on their own property.

For more information about Wisconsin Wetlands Association or to volunteer, visit  www.wisconsinwetlands.org or call 608.250.9971.

Photo of Penny and Gary provided by John Urban, The Urban Photo Company.


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