Ayden Prehara, Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health

Ayden Prehara’s commitment to the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health began in high school through his work as a Teen Educator with the Alliance’s PATCH program. He is known for his tireless advocacy and strong dedication to social justice as he mentors other teens and serves on the Alliance’s Community Advisory Team.

For more information about Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health or to volunteer, visit wiawh.org or call 608.251.0139.

Daycy Briceno, Bayview Foundation

As a volunteer with Bayview Foundation, Daycy Briceno goes out of her way to support Bayview residents. She serves as a welcoming face at the Bayview Community Center reception desk and is especially committed to Bayview’s seniors. Daycy serves on the senior programming committee and helps with wellness initiatives, including the weekly walking program.

For more information about Bayview Foundation or to volunteer, visit bayviewfoundation.org or call 608.256.7808.


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