Kim FisherKim Fisher, Fair Housing Center of Greater Madison

Kim Fisher has been a volunteer at the Fair Housing Center of Greater Madison for over six years.  She has been an invaluable asset in educating others about the harm done by housing discrimination based on race, disability, and national origin.  Kim is a committed, detail-oriented volunteer with a strong commitment to justice and equal rights.

For more information about the Fair Housing Center of Greater Madison or to volunteer, visit www.fairhousingwisconsin.com or call 608-257-0853.

Kim Fisher’s photo provided by John Urban, The Urban Photo Company

Jeff BoblickJeff Boblick, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

Jeff Boblick is the “go-to” volunteer for the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.  Always willing to help no matter the task, Jeff updates the website, staffs information booths, and does design work—all while studying full time at UW-Madison.  It’s because of dedicated volunteers like Jeff that WDC can offer accurate tracking of donations to elected officials.

For more information about Wisconsin Democracy Campaign or to volunteer, visit www.wisdc.org or call 608-255-4260.


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